'Behind the Beauty' is a documentary project, which looks into the contradictory world of competitive ballroom dancing. According to some studies, competitive dancing is equally as demanding as other sports such as basketball or cross-country running. It is all about balancing the artistry of dance with the athleticism of sport. My photo-essay shows the behind-the-scenes, emotional bonds and the physical and mental stress involved with dance competitions. The world of dancesport is cruel and beautiful at the same time. What looks like an easy and happy world is actually a world full of hard work and sacrifice. The partnership between the dancers is a really special connection, which is visible on the dancefloor and in the backstage as well. My aim was to capture this connection and also the communication between the dancers and the jury and audience. While performing the dances they look confident, easy-going and full of energy; when they are off the dancefloor it becomes visible how stressed and focused they are in reality. It’s time to realize that these people are as much athletes as dancers.
Instagram: @dorottyak
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