A2 poster explaining colour theory as a storyboard.

The following colour concepts were included in the project:

— Primary colours
— Secondary colours
— Tertiary colours
— Complementary colours
— Analogous colours
— Colour juxtaposition
— Advancing colours
— Receding colours

In the storyboard I used my photos of Canary Wharf, which is a business area in London. My idea was to present still images of a short movie about colour theory. In the black and white setting of Canary Wharf colours would pop up showing the different colour concepts.

London College of CommunicationUniversity of the Arts London
Postgraduate Diploma Design for Visual Communication, 2014
Primary Colours
Secondary Colours
Tertiary Colours
Complementary Colours
Analogous Colours
Colour Juxtaposition
Advancing Colours
Receding Colours
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